My interests include Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

Office: Mudd 3416, 2233 Tech Drive, Third Floor
Evanston, IL USA 60208
  • Improving inflight wi-fi: I am currently exploring different transport protocols along with congestion control protocols that would help improve inflight wi-fi. One solution I am in the process of implementing is the use of pluginized QUIC on proxies to cater to the high Bandwidth delay product of satellite links. Pluginized QUIC will allow end hosts to implement plugins of their choice, and hence a congestion control protocol that will work best for that connection. This will allow for greater flexibility and control on the user side, and improved performance on the satellite links.
  • Code Obfuscation using SGX: I am part of a team that worked on making Software Guard Extension (SGX) more secure. SGX makes a program flow more difficult to find. However, a recent threat has been brought forward where page table entries are used to reconstruct program flow. We used code obfuscation to circumvent the page table attacks, by flattening control flow graph into switch cases and pointer variables, using LLVM.
  • Kahaniyan - Designing for Acquisition of Urdu as a Second Language: I am part of a team that worked on making a a gamified solution for teaching Urdu as a second language to migrant students aged 7 to 10. We conducted literature review and user research to identify the precise difficulties in learning urdu as a second language. Based on the research we came up with a story-based game framework and made a prototype for it.


  • First year PhD student from Northwestern University
  • BS in Computer Science from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)